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"I’ve drowned you in feelings and you learned to swim. Told me that we were horribly incompatible, but asked me out on another date in the same breath. You told me that I’m not the girl for you, but asked how much I wanted to kiss you again. That my life will never match up with yours, but you said you miss my smile. If I’m not your cup of tea, put me down."

- I’ll never let anyone else add sugar or cream to make me taste better. (via inksplatteredpalms)

"I mean that I’m tired, not sleepy or exhausted, I mean I’m sad. I have nowhere to go, but I can’t stay here. I mean there is no change, my daily routine has no variation, I miss the streets at night. I miss whiskey burns in my throat, I miss stinging eyes because I stayed up all night to talk to you. I miss awkward conversations and Driving too fast. I miss too loud music and being to angry to care. I miss living"

- Me (via bloodstainsanddriedflowers)


Been a long time since you called me.

Did you forget about me?

You’ve got me going crazy.

Why can’t you look at me?

You’re still in love with me.

Don’t leave me crying.

Baby, why can’t we just start over again, get it back to the way we were?

I know it’s a lie what you’re keeping inside.

This is not how I want us to be, but baby I will wait for you because I don’t know what else I can do.

Don’t tell me we ran out of time.

If it takes the rest of my life, I’ll wait for you.


- Elliott Yamin (via hidden-disaster)


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I needed to write tonight.